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3 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Mother

Being a mother is definitely a hard job. Don’t I know it! But at the same time, it’s one of the most fulfilling things that I’ve done in my entire life. It’s not just because I can see my own child grow up to be amazing boys but also because I grow as a person. Here are a few lessons I’d like to share while being a mom:

Monkey See Monkey Do

I realized that I always have to watch my actions because my toddler, especially at 2, does whatever I do. So if I accidentally say a small S-word out of impulse, he also says it too. I can’t exactly blame him for it because he’s just following me. So as moms, we have to make sure we always watch out for our bad habits. Otherwise, our children will also follow them.

Curb the Controlling

I think all moms out there share my sentiments about never wanting to let their children out of their sights. I mean, we know exactly how bad the world can be and we’re afraid to let our children experience it. But for their own personal growth, we have to. Sometimes they have to fall on their own to learn. If your kid slips and falls, let him or her be. He or she will eventually learn how not to fall down after that.

Do Whatever Works

There’s really no one formula to raising a child because all children are different. For me, it’s just really about trial and error plus experience. So for all the moms out there, don’t take books or guides too literally. Just use them as a basis and try to come up with methods of your own. If it works, then you can continue doing it. However, if it doesn’t seem to work, then stop it and change your strategy.

As moms, we also have to learn along the way. It’s important that we continue to grow as our kids do. We just have to make sure we keep these lessons and use them as experience.

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