Who says full time mommies can’t enjoy the luxury of traveling around the world with their young kids? Most mothers have a hard time traveling with their kids because kids have a lot of needs. After all, they are kids. That’s why most mommies just opt to stay home instead.


Hi, I’m Candice, I myself am a full-time mom with two very energetic kids. I have two boys, the eldest aged 5 and a toddler aged 3. Yes, they’re at that age where they can be really energetic and noisy. Plus, they do have their own needs that I have to attend to even when we’re on the plane.

But despite having them around, I can still travel with them and my hubby. In fact, I’ve been traveling with my family since they were still babies. And we’ve had tons of fun until now. I also know that traveling is important for the family. Aside from the four of us being able to enjoy a whole new bonding experience, exposing my kids to different cultures is essential to their personal growth and learning. Plus, I think me and my family need to escape the normal routine once in a while.

Of course, I understand that a lot of moms struggle to have that kind of fun with their young kids so I’m here to help. Majority of the stress comes from having to discipline the kids and taking care of their needs while trying catch up on some sleep on the plane or trying to navigate a new area. In order for you to keep your cool and just enjoy yourself, I’ve got a few tips to help you with your kids during your travels. Just check out my blog. I also enjoy writing about stuff that us full-time moms will enjoy reading and can relate to.

For all the mommies out there, prepare your traveling bags and your kids’ traveling bags because you can all go on trips to places where you all will enjoy. Hello Baby Bump has rated this blog as one of the best travel advice blogs for moms. And don’t forget to take a look at the tips as I’ve written about in my blog just in case you don’t know how to handle the travel.